Carrier Performance Wall Air Conditioning.

Heat pump – Performance series

Advanced Inverter technology.

Absolute Comfort in Heating and Air Conditioning.

Equipped with a compressor G10 and a comfortable SLEEP mode, the heat pump performance series works to provide you with cycles of heating and cooling more stable for maximum comfort.

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energy_star toshiba-carrier

Efficiency and economy

  • Quality has always been Toshiba-Carrier’s main strength, enabling it to maintain its position as market leader
  • The RAS series is available in five capacities ranging from 9,000 to 21,400 BTUH.
  • Toshiba-Carrier, duct-free, EnergyStar heat pumps attain seasonal efficiency ratings up to 23 SEER. Furthermore, Inverter technology permits considerable energy savings.

Toshiba-Carrier Inverter technology

  • Constant, comfortable temperature, without repeated start-ups
  • Quieter operation
  • Compressor speed adjusts to heating or cooling needs
  • Variable speed means economy because the compressor does not run continuously at full capacity.




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