1-thermopompe-infinity-greenspeed-acroyal-carrier-1Easy-to-Read and Navigate
Our high-resolution color touchscreen with its intuitive prompts is a breeze to operate. Quick-read icons and type put you in control of your immediate comfort needs with just a touch. And, adjustable brightness control provides maximum readability under a variety of lighting conditions without becoming the center of attention.


2-thermopompe-infinity-greenspeed-acroyal-carrier-1Environmentally Simple, Customizable Comfort
Coordinate comfort settings in up to eight zones* with full, seven-day programmability. Simple, on-screen prompts clearly walk you through the process. Comfort programming can improve energy efficiency by delivering comfort when you need it and energy savings when you are away. A separate vacation mode lets you enjoy even more savings when you are out of town without re-programming your comfort settings.
*when installed as part of a Carrier® Infinity® zoning system


3-thermopompe-infinity-greenspeed-acroyal-carrier-1One Touch Flexibility
Our Touch-N-Go® feature allows simple, one-touch access to programmed comfort settings so you can quickly and easily make adjustments for greater comfort or energy savings as your needs and schedules change.


1-thermopompe-infinity-greenspeed-acroyal-carrier-1Automatic, On-screen Reminders
The Infinity Touch Control provides pop-up reminders that can tell you when it’s time to change air filters, humidifier pads, UV lights or schedule regular system checkups. TrueSenseTM dirty filter detection goes beyond typical reminder functions by actually monitoring airflow resistance to truly know when your filter is ready for a change.


1-thermopompe-infinity-greenspeed-acroyal-carrier-1Energy Savings Monitoring and Control
Real-time access to your Infinity system’s energy usage provides instant feedback on how your comfort settings affect efficiency. Built-in Smart Setback feature brings comfort levels back to programmed settings while saving energy.