Self-Build Project

Self-Build Project

You want to undertake self-build project of your future residence or cottage, ACROYAL can help you realize your ventilation system, air conditioning and central heating.

Ventilation system

You’ll need:

  • Exhaust ducts for bathroom fan, fume hood and dryer
  • Ducts for air exchanger heat recovery.
All outputs of these ducts can be customized with external finishes based on your needs.

Air conditioning and central heating system

Whether it’s for an electric or a gas system, ACROYAL can supply and install heating and cooling system based on your needs. The entire range of CARRIER products that we are an authorised reseller will meet your highest expectations.



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Couple in house under construction with builder


  1. After receiving your architectural and structural plans, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our construction projects specialist.
    On our first meeting, our specialists will evaluate your needs and your budget.
  2. Based on your plan we will provide you a complete ventilation system plan. At this stage of the project, at this stage of project it may be some adjustements to your architectural plan after taking into account our AC Ventilation plan.
  3. After the approval of the work plans, we will provide you a detailed quotation of your ventilation system.
  4. we will also provide you the deadlines for our installation and we will make sure that we will meet them. All ducts are manufactured in their own factory but assembled at your construction site. Here are some of our basic construction standards in addition to those imposed by existing building standards and code:
    • The main ducts are insulated to minimize the noise level of air movement.
    • The side ducts are rigid with speed keys for easy balancing your system.
    • We do our best to maximize your living space by reducing the ceiling beams in the basement.
    • All our systems include an air exchanger – heat recovery and a water humidifier for maximum comfort.
    • All outputs and input air intakes are galvanized R2000 and can be the same color as your external coating.
  5. We start doing our work, during or after finishing the plumbing job.
  6. The job takes between 3 to 6 days depending on the size of the project.
  7. The equipment (furnace, air conditioning or heat pump, air exchanger, humidifier, thermostat, etc.) are installed after you finish painting.
  8. A final meeting is planned at the end of the work with one of our specialists in order to explain everything you need to know about your new air conditioning system, heating and ventilation as well as its operation.

With ACROYAL, you will be in good hands. There will be no surprises, no additional charges. The agreed price is what you pay, unless you make changes in the project. In this case, the price will vary according to the change, it may increase or decrease.

After-sales service

After delivery of your system, you may contact our customer service for any kind of questions. Business hours are from 7am to 20pm. If needed, we will visit you to answer your questions.