Wall-mounted heat pump

Wall-mounted air conditioners – Robust, powerful and high energy efficient

ACRoyal is pleased to introduce its new generation of wall mounted air conditioning and heat pump. Our air conditioners systems are tested in extreme conditions, they offer excellent efficiency of ventilation / air conditioning until -15 ° C in winter and 48 °C in summer. Offering a high-energy efficiency (up to 27 SEER & HSPF 10.5), all our heat pump “Performance Series” models are qualified Energy Star with a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER 27) than standard models available on the market. By choosing ENERGY STAR certified heating and cooling equipment, you can enhance the comfort of your home while saving energy. Saving energy helps you save money on utility bills (up to 40% of your current cost of heating), thanks especially to the new technology Inverter G10 frequency 1Hz which operates at variable compressor speeds . All our wall mounted heat pumps and air conditioners models are equipped with this new technology.
In Quebec, the climate is particularly hard and difficult for devices running outside like the Heat pump. Winters in Montreal show temperature variations of up to 10 ° C. These temperature drops or increases suddenly and frequently and this can affect the life of a ductless heat pump. The wall-mounted air conditioning units and heat pumps have been designed to fit our particular climate.

The wall-mounted air conditioner Comfort series represents the top of the range for a large majority of distributors of air conditioners. Compact (30″), quiet (23db), it offers a high performance and exceptional comfort.

Equipped with a compressor G10 and a comfortable SLEEP mode, the heat pump performance series works to provide you with cycles of heating and cooling more stable for maximum comfort .

The heat pumps Infinity Series offer high energy efficiency that will make substantial savings on your heating bill and increase your comfort.

This heat pump system is ideal for cottages, condos of two floors, and large spaces. Set up five evaporators on one compressor which can vary from 18000-42000 Btu. Now you can maintain the same temperature in all rooms of your home consequently.