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Our priority is to ensure your comfort no matter the season! That’s why we offer a wide range of air conditioners and heat pumps to meet all your needs. Our products are selected according to their efficiencies, their reliability and their profitability. Our team will be able to guide you when it comes time to choose your air conditioning or heating system. Do not hesitate to ask for your free estimate and we will be pleased to meet you.

Infinity Series® Fan Coil

1. Heating Consistency

Electric resistance heaters ensure your comfort during the heating season as outdoor temperatures drop to extremes.

2. Intelligent Comfort Control

The Infinity® control board allows the fan coil to connect to the Infinity control in your home for the ultimate in comfort control. Smart electronics track previous cycles and allow the system to automatically adjust the heating and cooling stages for the best comfort and energy efficiency.

3. Extra-quiet operation

The variable-speed blower with easy select board distributes conditioned air at the lowest possible setting the majority of the time for extra-quiet and consistent comfort. This combination can increase cooling efficiency during the summer months and generate noticeably warmer air during the heating season. Foil- faced insulation provides additional noise reduction by isolating sound within the cabinet.

4. Enhanced indoor air quality

Our high-tech, corrosion-free composite base pan with its integrated sloped drainage system helps circumvent the build-up of mold, bacteria and other airborne pollutants.

5 & 6. Assured efficiency

To ensure maximum reliability and energy-efficient operation, the thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) maintains proper refrigerant flow during fluctuating pressures and conditions.

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