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Our priority is to ensure your comfort no matter the season! That’s why we offer a wide range of air conditioners and heat pumps to meet all your needs. Our products are selected according to their efficiencies, their reliability and their profitability. Our team will be able to guide you when it comes time to choose your air conditioning or heating system. Do not hesitate to ask for your free estimate and we will be pleased to meet you.

The indoor unit

The indoor unit of your air conditioning has a washable filter and an ionized non washable filter. Clean the first regularly (at least once a month) using the following method :

  • Remove the filter in your air conditioning;
  • Rinse with warm water to remove the dust that has accumulated;
  • Let it dry;
  • Replace the filter.

Dusty filter reduces the efficiency of your unit and this could affect proper operation of the unit or even damage it.

The ionized filter is much more effective to eliminate certain airborne particles which crossed the washable filter; however this ionized filter is not washable. It is recommended to replace it once a year or when it turns green. Contact us when you need a replacement filter.

The outdoor unit

Frequent cleaning is recommended for your outdoor unit. Simply spray it with a hose of water to avoid debris accumulations that may cause undesired operation. This is necessary at least twice a year, at the beginning and during summer.

During winter season

Air conditioning:
It is highly recommended not to wrap your air conditioning unit with plastic. In doing so, you prevent air from circulating inside which may cause condensation and rust on system parts. We have specific covers that are designed to protect your air conditioners systems in the winter season. It’s available upon request.

Heat pump:
If you own a heat pump, make sure to clean it and remove any ice or snow during winter, as it may affect its performance. Respect the limits recommended by the manufacturer i.e. up to -15°c use. Beyond this temperature, it may damage your compressor and affect the efficiency of your heat pump.

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